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Litter March 2018: A Day for Litter and Water Pollution Awareness


Mid-march, Richmond High Earth Team interns joined forces with all other Earth Team schools in our annual Litter March in East Oakland! The day started out with a motivational speech and instructions from the LPS Oakland interns, who were the lead team for this event. After this, everyone marched around the neighborhood together, cleaned up their path, and tried to make connections with the community. After the march was over, everyone celebrated with lunch as Jennifer Stern from the City of Oakland spoke on what the city is doing to address the issues of waste disposal.

The litter march has two main purposes. The first is obvious – to clean up litter off the streets! With an attendance of over 100 people, there were plenty of people to help pick up trash. Volunteers and interns worked together to remove the litter and also log its type and location in an app called the Marine Debris Tracker. (Check out our website zerolitter.org to view...Read more

STEM Employment Opportunity with Rising Sun


Earth Team is not just committed to its environmental projects, but also to developing the next generation of green leaders.  Be it through the implementation of service learning projects that give inters the hard skills they need to succeed, public speaking and community engagement opportunities that provide interns with the soft skills they need to succeed, or actually presenting them with opportunities after Earth Team that gives the chance to succeed.

On March 6, 2018, Daryl Lambert, from Rising Sun, joined Earth Team to present to the group about an upcoming summer job opportunity as an energy specialist with the organization.  Interns were extremely engaged, asking questions and showing real interest in the possibility of working in the environmental field for the summer.  When the presentation was over, several interns stuck around to ask follow up questions and receive applications.  It is a rewarding site to see watching these young people make environmentalism a significant part of their lives.


Earth Teams Prepares for 3rd Annual Litter March


On February 27, 2018 interns returned to the classroom after a much deserved week off and got right to work planning and preparing for their upcoming Litter March in East Oakland.  This event has been held in Oakland the past three years with participant numbers continuing to grow.  This year the interns expect over 100 participants to join in an effort to spread awareness about the effects of litter on Oakland’s Bay and the local creeks and waterways that drain into it.  Interns were hard at work writing/practicing their individual speeches that they will be giving to the crowd on this day of joining.  They are nervous but getting more and more excited as the event approaches.  Here is what several interns had to say about preparing for the Litter March:

“I’m pretty excited for this upcoming Litter March. I’m in a group with Jazmin and we’re in charge of explaining what the March is for and the app, Marine Debris Tracker, that we will be using during the Litter March. I’m being...Read more

Earth Team Assesses Litter Mid Peralta Creek


On January 30, 2018 the dedicated interns of LPS Oakland headed to their second field site along Peralta Creek.  These green leaders devised a plan to test several locations along the creek from the upper head waters to the lowest drainage point, to assess how litter density changes as the creek moves downstream and through the city of Oakland.  Peralta Hacienda Historical Park serves as the teams mid-creek site location.

Masters now of their litter assessment protocol, the team quickly set up and marked their assessment areas and proceeded to break into smaller groups to efficiently conduct the six separate assessments.   The results showed an increase in litter density from their previous site assessment that was located further upstream.  Interns reflected on the results and almost unanimously attributed the increase to the fact that more people had been exposed to the creek and had the opportunity to litter in the surrounding areas.  Few felt that the increase was partly due to the lack of awareness of the severe effects of litter on our...Read more

Earth Team Partners with Save the Bay


On Saturday January 13, 2018 Earth Team’s from LPS Oakland and Skyline High School joined forces with Save the Bay to participate in their Restoration Education Program at MLK Shoreline in Oakland.  Save the Bay was founded in 1961 and has since dedicated itself to protecting the San Francisco Bay and its estuarine habitat areas.

The sun was shining and the winds were calm which made for a perfect outdoor learning environment.  The two teams mixed themselves up and participated in a range of activities from geography and watershed education and presentations to native plant transplanting.  Save the Bay staff was very knowledgable and eased the interns through each project.  The day turned out to be very successful, students planted 43 native species that will grow to provide habitat for the bounty of animals that inhabit MLK Shoreline.

Here’s what one of the LPS Oakland interns had to say about the day:

“When I went to the event with Save the Bay and Skyline it was a great experience, especially because the weather was...Read more

LPS Oakland Earth Team Tests Water Quality at Peralta Creek Park


On January 23, 2018 LPS Oakland Earth Team Traveled up the Peralta Creek to gather litter and water quality data.  This semester the team will be tracking the Peralta Creek from its headwaters to its drainage point.  They have designated three pivotal locations along the creek: Peralta Creek Park (Headwaters), Peralta Hacienda Historical Park (Mid-creek Location), and the East Creek Slough of MLK Shoreline (Drainage Location).  Their goal is to track litter accumulation downstream and compare it to their water quality results to identify ways litter affects the water quality of the bay.  Interns learned new water quality testing protocol and conducted a litter assessment which concluded in healthy water quality and very little litter present.

Here’s what the interns had to say about their results:


“Something that I learned while doing water quality testing is that there are many ways to test water and weather or not it is healthy.  I think there is no litter in that area because people in that neighborhood actually care about how the creeks...Read more

Preventing Water Pollution: Over 7000 Pieces of Litter Collected on MLK Day


On Monday January 15, 2018 the dedicated Earth Team interns from LPS Oakland rose early on their day off  to lend a hand to service at the MLK Shoreline in honor of MLK Day.  Interns came with a purpose to collect data and collect trash.  MLK Shoreline is the drainage point for the majority of Oakland’s creeks.  As the creeks travel from the Oakland Hills, where they begin, down through the city to the shoreline, they carry with them all the litter that has made its way into them via storm drains, wind, and direct dumping.   As the creeks meet at the bay the litter is held along the beaches polluting the water and natural habitats of the many animals that inhabit the area.


Interns teamed up with a group of community volunteers from Pyatok Architects.  As the volunteers collected litter the interns diligently followed behind imputing the data into the Marine Debris Tracker App.  The volunteers were incredibly helpful, shouting out the collected items to their Earth Team counterpart and making it some what of a competition between teams to keep everyone motivated and having...Read more

Learning from the City of Oakland's Experts on Litter Reduction


On January 16, 2018,  City of Oakland’s Environmental Stewardship Analyst Jennifer Stern and Watershed Program Specialist Ben Livsey joined LPS Oaklands Earth Team to speak about the many waste projects the city is leading.  Interns learned about the multiple ways waste enters our waterways and the efforts the city is making to reduce this occurrence- including but not limited to plastic bag bans, styrofoam bans, the legal prosecution of illegal dumpers, and many litter removal programs.

The city has also developed a program called “Adopt a Spot” whereby any citizen can adopt a “spot” (drain, creek, road, park, etc.) and assume responsibility for its maintenance and vitality.  The city sends out emails to participants before major rain events or public events that may severely effect the area they have chosen to adopt as a reminder to either pick up trash so it isn’t washed into creeks or clear drains of debris that could cause flooding, etc.

In addition to the many projects the city has under way, the interns also learned that the city spends over 25 million dollars a year to reduce litter polluting the city’s waterways.  Interns spent several minutes...Read more

Save the Bay Education at Martin Luther King Shoreline


Skyline Interns and LPS Oakland Interns teach peers about the history of tidal marshes in the Bay Area. 

The Saturday after returning from winter break, Skyline Earth Team partnered with interns from LPS Oakland and Save the Bay to complete education and restoration work at the Martin Luther King Shoreline.  The team of interns learned about the history of the bay area, including historic reach of tidal marshes, development patterns, and current and future restoration efforts focusing on salt ponds.  Here are some of the things the interns had to say!

“We substantially reduced the tidal marshes in the bay area” – Nick, Skyline

“Something that I learned today is that endangered species live in the tidal marsh. I learned about how there are only 2,000 Ridgeway Rail birds left and that they only live here in the bay area. The tidal marshes used to cover around 10,000 acres of Oakland and now 90% of it is gone. I learned many things that I did not know before and I was able to plant 4 plants today” – America, Skyline

“Some things that I learned today were about the endangered species such

...Read more

Oakland LPS and Skyline High Earth Teams Join Forces


On Saturday December 16, 2017 Oakland LPS Earth Team joined forces with Skyline High Earth Team to make a difference at MLK Shoreline in Oakland.  Next semester Oakland LPS interns will be assessing the litter and water quality issues in Oakland as they relate to Peralta Creek and its drainage point at MLK Shoreline.  The interns have spent the last few months mastering litter assessments and developing protocol that will be conducive to MLK Shoreline and upstream sites along Peralta Creek.

Saturday served as a day for the two teams to get to know each other, for Oakland LPS to train Skyline on there litter assessment protocol, and for Skyline to train Oakland LPS on their water quality testing protocol.  Each LPS intern had the opportunity to describe and demonstrate a different step of the new and improved litter assessment protocol.  LPS interns thrived in the leadership positions.  Skyline interns then had the opportunity to walk LPS interns through their water quality tests which was successful as well.  Oakland LPS is...Read more