Kennedy Interns Conduct 1st Rumrill Litter Assessment of 2019



Sunny skies or gloomy forecast, as long as it’s a Saturday and 0% chance of extreme weather, Kennedy interns were out on Rumrill Blvd. earlier this month and hit the ground running.

Each litter assessments more often than not provides many lessons. One of which is that there’s most likely litter hidden in plain sight if one looks closely enough; and Kennedy’s hawk-like vision gained from previous assessments proved useful for today. Intern Bryan spotted a peculiar object hidden within the grass along some fencing and it turned out to be yet another food wrapper. Nicely spotted!


Needless to say there were many micro-hotspots along Rumrill. One in particular was along 17th St. A fence was broken down that bordered a creek than ran through the neighborhood, and every type of litter was seen: baby diapers, broken school supplies, food wrappers, paper, unwanted clothes, and several other notable items that isn’t worth mentioning. The team decided to focus all efforts to this spot. Intern Jason was eager to get “down n’ dirty”, as he happily climbed down to clean his community.


Interns covered a lot of ground that Saturday. The coordinator used the Strava app, a geo-tracking app usually meant for other outdoor activities such as biking, walking, running, etc. to see the progress they’ve made! The dark blue lines indicate where interns conducted the assessments for that day.


At the end of the afternoon, interns removed over 8 bags of trash, resulting in over 1,000 pieces of litter! Great job to all that came and participated!

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