Kennedy / Richmond Earth Team-Joint Rumrill Blvd. Litter Assessment


Kennedy and Richmond high school Earth Team are like postmen in a sense: neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night (except maybe that) stays these interns from the swift completion of their appointed litter assessments. The Saturday of December 1st provided very little sun, but that didn’t deter the intern’s passion to clean up their community.

And speaking of community, fellow interns at Richmond High School stopped by to provide some helping hands for the effort! The morning started holier than most; interns met at Mac Arthur Community Baptist Church, where Meals on Wheels offered them a hearty breakfast.


Interns were so grateful for the food they insisted to start their litter assessment at their backyard. Richmond interns Mariana and Linda (left to right) as seen above were more than happy to have helped their fellow community members.

Rest assured that there was no shortage of litter: from glass bits to ripped clothes, there was plenty to go around. Once the litter were logged, trashed and sent to the dumpster, off they were to Rumrill. The sky’s clouds showed signs of gloom, but the same couldn’t be said about the intern’s spirits, for they had a portable speaker amplifying Frank Sinatra classics and holiday joy!

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 4.22.00 PM.png

Maps of walking patterns were distributed among the interns before the start of the assessment; student’s safety has, and will always be, Earth Team’s number 1 concern. Interns were split into several groups, although moving as one unit.

This particular hotspot is considered primarily a residential area; one look at the walking pattern above will prove anyone wrong who says otherwise. That being said, there were several items of interest that are not usually found along the commercial areas on Rumrill Blvd.


Interns Bryant and Allison of Richmond H.S. (left to right) found a spot along the bank of a creek that many residents seem to frequent as a hangout spot; many food-related pieces of litter (food containers, cups, bags, etc.) were found here. Many spots such as this were found along this litter assessment; and that called for more trash bags.


By the conclusion of the assessment, which ended nearing the late afternoon, over 13 bags of trash were collected as a result of intern’s hard and diligent work. That’s nearly 2,000 pieces of litter! Great job to all Kennedy and Richmond H.S. interns that worked so hard to make this litter assessment a success!

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