Challenge Accepted: Interns Climb at Castle Rock State Park

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This past weekend a team of ten interns headed to Castle Rock State Park to rock climb for the very first time. Outward Bound led the day, coaching participants on the different rock climbing gear, how to properly belay, and a lot more.

Each of our students climbed the rock multiple times, and everyone was able to reach higher than there the first attempt. It was an incredibly supportive, encouraging environment, and the group flourished with the new challenge.

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After rock climbing for a full day, the group headed to Portola Redwoods State Park where they learned or practiced how to set up a tent, supported with meal prep and cooking, and enjoyed free time and bonfire games.

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The trip came to an end on Sunday afternoon at TipToe Waterfall. Students participated in reflection activities and were able to share out their best moments of the trip and their appreciation for one another.

It was unanimous that this trip was surely unforgettable. The group went through a lot of challenges together and grew closer from it all. Check out what some of our rock climbers had to say about their weekend experience!

“I’m really glad that I was able to go on such a fun adventure with amazing people. I had so many mixed emotions there, but I don’t regret anything. Meeting the people, trying new things, and being more independent and dependent on others made me realize a lot of things. This trip is something I’ll never forget.” – Joey Ow, Pinole High Earth Team Intern

“The weekend trip made my love for nature to grow and I really appreciate what nature gave us. The trip also made me break out of my comfort zone by having me make new friends and do things that I have never done, such as camping and rock climbing. I really appreciate everyone who made me feel comfortable and happy.” – Sabrina Lozano, Antioch High Earth Team

“It was an out of comfort experience to take a risk and complete challenges you didn’t think you could face.” – David Tran, Pinole High Earth Team Intern

“The rock climbing trip was rad! It gave our team the opportunity to shine outside of our comfort zone. The view at the top was nothing like I have seen. I felt so accomplished when I reached it. Being able to do trips like these with Earth Team helps us explore what is out there for us. The trip was great, but doing it with so many positive and uplifting people made it unforgettable.” – Jeremy Francisco, Pinole High Earth Team Intern

“I had so much fun I am going to be real I was actually debating because I normally never get out of my comfort zone, so it was a big deal but other than that the group and everyone I met were kind and supportive and made me feel like I belong in Earth team” -Allison Lopez, Richmond High Earth Team Intern

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