Ocean Plastic Leaders Participate in Coastal Cleanup Day


Interns at both Kennedy and Richmond High School participated with many other Richmond community members at the annual Coastal Cleanup Day at Shimada Friendship Park on the 15th of September. This was an exceptional turnout as interns woke up extra early on a Saturday to do their part in taking action!

Before filling up their buckets up with plastic straws and abandoned running shoes, they were given a brief instructional presentation by The Watershed Project and Annie Frankel, who hosted the cleanup and Education Coordinator from the California Coastal Commission, respectively. They learned the importance of this work and how the litter ended up on the shoreline in the first place. Interns could barely contain their excitement, but once the presentation was over, they sprinted to the litter hotspots!


The coastal cleanup provided no shortage of boredom; students were shouting with thrill on what they had discovered: a dead jellyfish, the skeletal remains of a seafaring bird, and some interesting articles of clothing, as seen here by Richmond H.S. intern Fernando.


All of the interns were stunned by how fast their buckets and trash bags quickly filled up, and were running to the Coastal Cleanup designated checkpoints to have their efforts weighed. In total, both Kennedy and Richmond H.S. interns collectively collected over 60 lbs. of litter from our bay! 

Interns learned a bucket full of knowledge and had many wonderful things to say about this experience:

“Today I learned that there’s so much trash and nature tries to cover and hide it. The animals have adapted to live with trash around them even though it’s bad for the environment and them.” Carlos Munoz, Kennedy Intern


Great job to all our interns!


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