A Graduating Senior’s Reflection on their Earth Team Experience


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In this school year, I was glad I joined Earth Team because of the activities, people, and positive vibes. Though I’ve only been in Earth Team for my final year of high school, it was very meaningful and I felt it was also a positive impact on not only myself but on the Oakland Tech community as well. I’ll definitely take this engagement to and interest in environmental science and activeness into college with me because they’re topics that are often overlooked yet affect everyone. I will continue volunteering in college, whether in the form of joining service clubs, volunteering individually, or even heading a club myself. By far what, or who, I’ll miss the most are the people because it’s not everyday that you see as many people my age and younger who want to do something about bettering their environments and communities.

Written By: Raymond, OT Intern 

Thank you Raymond for all your hard work throughout the year! So excited to see where you go in college!


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