Youth Leaders Reflect on Leadership Roles During Earth Day Event


Antioch High School Earth Team interns spent some time reflecting on their experience leading the Earth Day event they planned at the Upper Sand Creek Basin. 

Below is the script of a skit developed by one team to summarize their experiences in leadership roles during the litter clean up competition they planned.


  • Earth Team intern: age 17
  • Volunteer #1: age 13, likes unicorns
  • Volunteer #2: age 15, spiky green hair

Earth Team intern: “We need to get out there and get our hands dirty to win this litter competition!”

Volunteers #1 and #2: “Yassssssss”

All three team members wander off together in search of treasure, BUT instead of treasure its trash!

Volunteer #1: “I found a plastic bottle!”

Volunteer #2: “I picked up a plastic bag!”

Earth Team intern: “Okay guys I recorded it! Good job!”

Volunteer #1: “Why are we picking up trash anyway?”

Earth Team intern: “We pick up trash because we want a cleaner environment and we don’t want it to end up in our water systems or anywhere else!”

Volunteer #2: “Ahh! There’s a tick on me, get it off!”

Earth Team intern: “Oh no….”

After the tick was removed, the team picked up the rest of the trash in the basin and then headed back to eat food!


Another team wrote haiku poems, following the 5 syllable – 7 syllable – 5 syllable pattern, reflecting on details of the event. Below are some examples

Elderberries were blooming

We were planting native plants

Sun was high above


Kids were everywhere

The sun was shining brightly

Lets plant native plants


Children picked up trash

At Upper Sand Creek Basin

Winner won a prize



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