What Does Earth Team Really Mean?

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E: We live in an ecosystem, and its easy to destroy it and use its resources.  

A: We advocate for the environment by hosting Earth Day events and being the change we want to see in the world.

R: We are Earth Team and we represent Antioch, we represent youth, we represent the future, we represent plants and animals, and we represent humankind.

T: Together we can change the world through small things like recycling, picking up trash, planting trees, removing invasive species, and reaching out to our community. Together we are united!

H: Our work helps to restore habitats because its the right thing to do for future generations.


T: We are thankful that community members showed up to help do the work to make the Upper Sand Creek Basin a better place.

E: Everybody came together to work on Earth Day, and everybody plays a role in protecting our environment.

A: We affect the environment, so we should be aware of what we need to do to fix it.

M: It is our mission to save the planet.

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