Connecting with Nature: A Day at Carlos Bee Park

San Lorenzo High interns Aubury (bottom) and Bella (top) exploring the creek.

After taking a few months off from conducting tree inventory, it’s time for San Lorenzo High interns to get back in the swing of tree ID and tree inventory so that they can continue logging trees in April and May. To refresh the topic in their minds, we went on a trip to Carlos Bee Park in Hayward. This park has a diverse and dense assortment of tree species, a creek, and a view of the bay, making it a great place to observe trees and connect with nature.

Tree species: Acacia dealbata, commonly known as a silver wattle tree.

Interns started the meeting by participating in a two part group assignment/competition. The first part was tree identification: identify as many tree species as possible in the time limit by removing a leaf and labeling the leaf with the name of the tree. The second part was a nature scavenger hunt, where the teams had to find and collect or take pictures of specific items and things found in nature. The winners of each section would get a prize at the end of the time limit. The interns had a ton of fun with this assignment and identified several trees, some of which they had never seen or noticed before. It also gave them the chance to explore the creek area and the hillsides. They enjoyed the park so much, almost everyone asked to come back another day!

After the competition, the group had one more task for the day. On March 17th, all Earth Team schools will be participating in our annual Litter March in Oakland, hosted by our awesome intern team from Oakland LPS High School. During this march, Earth Team members and people from the community will be teaming up to clean up the streets of Oakland. Our team from San Lorenzo High prepared for the event by making signs to carry along with them during the march. As the picture below shows, they had a lot of fun creating their signs and coming up with litter related slogans. We can’t wait for the litter march (and we hope to see you there)!!

San Lorenzo High interns Jazmin (left), Ariana (middle), and Tony (right), working on their sign.


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