Dimond Park Community Outreach Day

IMG_2584On February 10th, Skyline Earth Team brought their first semester project to a close with a community outreach day at Dimond Park! The grassy area by Scout Hut was a perfect place for the team to set up their educational materials and their trivia game, which drew participants from all ages.  Oakland Tech Earth Team joined the party to lead a litter clean-up throughout Dimond Park and nearby Dimond Canyon trails.

This community outreach day gave Skyline Earth Team the opportunity to share all that they learned from the previous months full of surveys, water testing, benthic macro-invertebrate counts, research, and data analysis. This group of young water quality experts took this chance to engage park goers in dialogue about how to be a better water steward by following practices like no dumping and picking up after your pet.

The team was well received by the community, and got a lot of excited responses from people who were already passionate about keeping Sausal Creek healthy as well as from people ready to learn more!  Everyone was excited to see that their months of hard work at Dimond Park paid off with a successful community outreach event!


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