Earth Team Partners with Save the Bay


On Saturday January 13, 2018 Earth Team’s from LPS Oakland and Skyline High School joined forces with Save the Bay to participate in their Restoration Education Program at MLK Shoreline in Oakland.  Save the Bay was founded in 1961 and has since dedicated itself to protecting the San Francisco Bay and its estuarine habitat areas.

The sun was shining and the winds were calm which made for a perfect outdoor learning environment.  The two teams mixed themselves up and participated in a range of activities from geography and watershed education and presentations to native plant transplanting.  Save the Bay staff was very knowledgable and eased the interns through each project.  The day turned out to be very successful, students planted 43 native species that will grow to provide habitat for the bounty of animals that inhabit MLK Shoreline.

Here’s what one of the LPS Oakland interns had to say about the day:

“When I went to the event with Save the Bay and Skyline it was a great experience, especially because the weather was fresh and sunny. Once I got to the park I learned that humans use 60% of fresh water leaving the animals in danger. Another thing I learned was that we are able to make a change by decreasing our use of water or by announcing to our community so it can make a larger impact to save our environment. My favorite part of the day was when we got together to plant different type of plants in which I was very proud of because we all worked really hard”. -Olga


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