Leaf: LPS Oakland goes camping with Earth Team!

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***Student Blog***

Written by Ramona Sandoval Rodriguez

LPS Oakland interns got an opportunity to participate at Leaf, our camping trip. It was optional and not many were able to make it because of school work, family emergencies, and they were not sure if it would be fun or safe.  Some of the students  were afraid to go because they have never gone camping and they didn’t know how to prepare or what to do.  Ms. Jordan gave us a paper with what we would need so we didn’t need to worry much it had a list of what we would need and what we wouldn’t. Have you ever gone camping? Is it scary or is it just plain boring? Well to us it was neither.  At first it was like why did I come? I screamed inside when I was told there might not be wifi but when I got there guess what, there was wifi.

A Clean Beach Finally!

There was wifi everything was cool until they said, “we will not use our phones during camp put them away”.  I freaked out because I didn’t know how I would interact with others. I wanted to go home but I’m glad I didn’t because who would have guessed that being with nature would be interesting and especially talking to humans well let me elaborate teenagers like me. It was quite interesting to get to know them and it was fun at the beach because we all got to play many games. There was a game where I had to run but guess what I didn’t run. Why you ask? I’m saving energy for when i’m older.. I did run a bit but I got tired… we also had a campfire and we ate marshmallows it was really fun. We even played a game that went like this: they picked nurses without us looking, they picked police officers without us looking, and than they picked mafia people. The rest of us were just civilians we all had to pick wisely and accused whoever we thought was a mafia but we had to be careful because we might end up getting rid of innocent people. That game was really fun, and you know what, I’m going to start trying new things–not running though! Jocelyn and I were the only ones that went camping but it is okay because  we got closer and bonded.  We both love anime and manga plus, we took cute pictures of each other at the beach.





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