Richmond High interns prepare for Point Pinole Shoreline Festival


During the last three Richmond High Earth Team meetings, interns both learned about sea level rise and prepared to have a table at the Point Pinole Shoreline Festival. The interns have two roles at the festival: the first is to host a climate change game/activity for the community, and the second is to participate in a march to help the community visualize sea level rise. To introduce the subject, guest speaker Lauren Woodfill of The Watershed Project prepared a brief presentation and activity for the interns. Here is what one student had to say about her presentation:


In lauren’s presentation (the watershed project) she described ways of how we affect and help the earth and she also talked about how our city could look like in 50-100 years, which is probably underwater/flooded. On the map she showed us that cities like richmond could be almost all under water. One of the activities we had to do was stand up and put stickers on pictures that we’d like to see more of at the shoreline:for an example biking, picnics, going to the park, clean beaches etc. The other activity was writing on sticky notes on what specifically we would want to do and where on a map. Basically I learned so many ways we can help the planet and I learned so many other ways on how we affect our planet. This is important to me because I want the next generation to live in a safe, healthy, and happy environment and in order for that we have to learn how to help take care of because if we don’t who knows if there’s even gonna be another generation.

-Alondra Rodriguez, RHS intern

After Lauren’s presentation, the interns brainstormed ideas for their project for the festival. They decided on making a game called “Fishing for Facts”. The idea of the game is to fish pieces of trash out of a bin, and each piece of trash will have the answer to a question about climate change on it. The participant then has to match the answer to a question on a poster board. Some teams worked on the creative aspects (making a poster & designing materials) while others researched and created questions about climate change. They had a blast creating their finished project and were pumped to present it at the festival!


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