Pinole Creek Ashtray Fundraising!


PVHS Earth Team is working hard to collect enough funds from their community in order to purchase an ashtray for Pinole Creek. Littering cigarette butts has been a notable environmental issue not just at Pinole Creek but all over. It takes cigarettes 10 years to decompose and with the vast amount being littered constantly, our environment is being threatened.

PVHS interns are concerned now more than ever due to the storms that passed through the Bay Area. The heavy rains provide a perfect opportunity for this litter to enter our creeks and streams, eventually into our bay, and than ultimately into the Pacific Ocean. This litter travels and negatively effects many ecosystems spread across the world. We hope that you will help us try to make a difference, and provide smokers a place to properly dispose of their butts. Right now there is not one and we hope to change that.

If you like to support our cause please go to our campaign page.


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