April 11, 2019


San Lorenzo High Earth Team Interns spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day helping to clean  the area around Hayward Shoreline Regional Park. Partnering with groups like Friends of San Lorenzo Creek and others, interns spent a beautiful day cleaning up all kinds of litter. 


March 29, 2019

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We are excited and proud to announce the official implementation of Ralph J. Bunche Academy’s 3-Bin sorting system! Ms. Greenlands Earth Science classes have been working hard for the past few months getting trained on how to sort, conducting audits, educating their student’s body and more.


March 29, 2019

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Student Blog 

The sorting video was a video we made in order to offer a visual aid to the audience along with our examples of waste being sorted. The video also had slogans to make sorting easier for those that watch it. While the original video covered most of what needed to be said, the aesthetic of the video needed a lot of improvement.

We split into multiple working committees and began working on different sections such as updating slogans, designing an introduction, and recording footage. We followed...

March 29, 2019


Student Blog

The Zero Waste Youth Convergence brought together over 150 students and young leaders to be informed, discuss, and take action on waste issues. The day was compiled of diversity sessions throughout the day. Oakland Tech Earth Team had the chance to presented their Replication Package and got lots of positive feedback. The presentation consisted of a Kahoot live quiz to engage the audience, a...

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