Earth Team - Governor's Environmental Leadership Award 2011” (GEELA)

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Something's in the Air (SITA)

Empowering the Next Generation of Green Leaders

gheela pictureSomething’s in the Air is a collaborative network of Bay Area high school students, teachers and community leaders designed to teach students about the correlation between air quality and asthma, and empower them to take action in their communities. SITA is a two-week classroom program that teaches students the leadership skills necessary to improve air quality in their communities, which often are disproportionately impacted. They participate in hands- on activities where they collect air quality data and develop air quality action plans that involve public education and public advocacy. By learning about environmental policy, pollution complaints and the health impacts of poor air quality, students become engaged in local and state government affairs where they are testifying about the local air quality impacts and helping to shape environmental justice policies. EarthTeam’s SITA program focuses on teaching the next generation of environmental stewards how to effectively make changes in their communities.

“… provides tools and skills that empower students to take action in their communities.” -- Kent, Hazardous Materials Ombudsman, Contra Costa Health Services